Sunday, September 28, 2014

Animal trophy Head Patterns - Mr. Fox.

This is the latest animal trophy head pattern to be added to the website - we now have the Sheep, Goat and Fox available as digital downloads for 5.00 a pattern.  This is definitely the way to go with patterns and I shall be doing them all as downloads from now on.

I have made Mr.Fox from bits of Harris Tweeds and cream wool felt.  I'm not a good photographer and he looks much more fun face to face!!

If you are coming to K&S - I shall have the 4 I have done so far as patterns and a few kits.

Last Sunday I went to a new community market in Haringay, in Falkland Rd on the ladder.  I had a stall for knitwear and all the left over bits and pieces I have from a life time of making textiles.  It was great fun to do - I love doing markets - lots of lovely food there as well as collectables and crafts.

Sadly I was unable to go today but hope to go when ever i don't have other commitments.

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