Friday, November 14, 2014


FOR 2015



We shall be making the doll pictured above –
– first day – we shall focus on the sculpted head and face painting  – making 2 alternatives and also the hands.  These hands have 2 separate fingers and are wired.
 – second day – we shall make the rest of the doll and put it all together, finish the costuming and hair, wings etc. 

Peaseblossom has a sculpted face, stitched joints and button joints so the 2 days will cover quite a range of techniques.  The main intention is to teach the basic techniques so that you can go onto all sorts of other patterns and even create your own.

Peaseblossom is one of the dolls in ‘Making Fantasy Cloth Dolls’, my second book published 2013.  

If you come for the first day only – you will learn the head, face and hand techniques that I use.

 The pattern, flesh cotton, chenille sticks and a basic stuffing will be provided.  A list of other fabrics and materials required will be supplied.

 All tools, threads, pens and crayons and any other equipment needed will be available for your use in the workshop.
I will bring 3 sewing machines but if you are able to drive and can bring your own it will be quicker for you and you won’t need to queue.  If you are coming by public transport – then you can use mine.

I will send full requirements list and map etc after booking.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

New Dolls for Knit and Stitch at Ally Pally

I have been working with the templates from the original book to design some new dolls and changing the techniques.  For the foxy figure I have reduced the trophy head pattern down to fit an 17" figure.  This could be worked upon to greater effect when I have a bit more time then one day to prepare and make him.  The other woodland spirit figure - is actually a composite of various body parts I had in my workroom which I have painted on with acrylics and a stipple brush to give a unified look.  Add a bit of silk tulle ( donated by my bridal designer friend) and also a scarp of beautiful silk lace (same source) and some chopped ribbing and there we are!  Great Fun.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Animal trophy Head Patterns - Mr. Fox.

This is the latest animal trophy head pattern to be added to the website - we now have the Sheep, Goat and Fox available as digital downloads for 5.00 a pattern.  This is definitely the way to go with patterns and I shall be doing them all as downloads from now on.

I have made Mr.Fox from bits of Harris Tweeds and cream wool felt.  I'm not a good photographer and he looks much more fun face to face!!

If you are coming to K&S - I shall have the 4 I have done so far as patterns and a few kits.

Last Sunday I went to a new community market in Haringay, in Falkland Rd on the ladder.  I had a stall for knitwear and all the left over bits and pieces I have from a life time of making textiles.  It was great fun to do - I love doing markets - lots of lovely food there as well as collectables and crafts.

Sadly I was unable to go today but hope to go when ever i don't have other commitments.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Pre- Knit and Stitch shows -
I'm desperately trying to get some new patterns and hopefully some kits finished. I have been working all week on animal trophy heads and really want to get doing some 'whole' animals now.  I shan't have time for that before the Ally Pally show.  Yesterday I finished some goats and almost finished some foxes now.  All the others - that is sheep, hares and some dogs are resting in a box ready to go.
If I have time I'm hoping to get a couple of dolls made from the patterns in the books but with a completely different look, to show what you can do with all those 6 patterns.  One only needs so many variations of template for a head, a body, 2 legs and 2 arms then you can do anything with them.  We'll see what I manage to get done.
Also finishing off my accounts to go to the accountant for the end of the month - how I find them so tedious!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

New Designs for Animal trophy Heads

I have been working on some new designs for animals and dolls.  Since I finished my second book I have not made any figures at all - designing and writing for a book is a really stressful experience although its lovely when its finished and published.  After the whole experience of writing and making for 2 books I needed quite some time to do some other textile work and to refresh myself.
I have really enjoyed making these.  They are simpler than my dolls and more fun.  As well as making them I shall be producing patterns for them - on sale in October.  I am hoping to sort out to sell them as downloads from my website - the most efficient way to do things now.
These have been made with Harris Tweeds, wool felt, velvet, silk and felted knits.  More to come very soon.

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Demonstrating my very limited knowledge of crochet.  I took some classes with Natalie Warner early this year and after months of struggle have finally managed to hold the yarn correctly and to complete a few basic granny squares and also some circles.  Hoping to make some good use of these skills by adding edges to knitwear or even making something useful!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April 16th Wednesday morning - Cromer Pier from the cliff top.  Its lovely here when the weather is like this though there's
still a nippy breeze

Had breakfast with Simon Horrocks the other day at the Hilly Cafe in Alexandra Park Rd.
Saturday April 5th I visited Excel and the 'Stitches' show, as a friend of mine Jennie Callomon was showing work including cloth dolls with her group.  Apart from this I didn't really find this a very stimulating show - nothing to compare with Knit and Stitch in October.  Heres some pictures of Jennie's dolls.

Saatchi Gallery and Selvedge Fair.  April 4th - Friday.

Visited the Selvedge Spring Fair on Friday morning at Chelsea Town Hall.  As I walked back up the Kings Road I passed the Saatchi Gallery so went in to see what was on.  There is an exhibiton of modern African Art with one gallery full of these monster spiders - very striking!!

The Selvedge Spring Fair was fun and some nice work by very talented designers.  I did see a few people who were at Country Living the week before.  Well worth a visit and a nice mixture of vintage, supplies and lovely designs.  Reasonable entrance as well.

Saatchi Gallery and V&A

I visited the V&A for the preview day of the 'History of Italian Fashion' Thursday April 4th with my friend Sarah Fogg.  We enjoyed the exhibition which spanned the last 60 years but decided we weren't that taken with Italian Design - its a bit 'bling' orientated for me but interesting to see the developement from post war.  The men's fashion is much more stylish than the ladies I feel.

Here's the lovely Sarah and the V&A Pool in the garden where we sat for Tea.  I love sitting out there.

Monday, February 24, 2014

We shall have a stand at the Spring Country Living Fair at the Business Design Centre in Islington

This is stand M29 on the mezzanine.  You will find all sorts of info on the website about visitors, workshops, special talks etc.  Do hope to see some of you there.  I have a whole lot of new knitwear and some other items as well.