Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fran Doe
Harriet Wilson

Maureen Wilson

LHS. Annleen Raubenheimer
and Fran Doe

LHS Brenda Connolly and Clare
and Sarah Slade 's
Polly and Fairy delight

LHS Brenda Taylor
Below: Fran Doe - all made since July's workshop

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pandora the Craft teacher has a huge stash of fabrics, trims, wools and beads. She loves to make all her own outfits from her stash and always carries her knitting in a bag. She has gold rim glasses and black leather shoes. She is almost free standing.
Norfolk Pixie is a jolly chap - he has a pretty elaborate tunic as well as a knitted pointy hat, mitts and socks.

This is Bubbles. She has a knitted sweater and practice leggins worn over her black tights, with fabulous curly hair.

At last some new dolls - I've really pushed myself to get these finished and am moderately please with the outcome: These four ladies form the 'Corps de Ballet' and will be available in two patterns which include all the body shapes and leg and arm positions.