Thursday, November 13, 2008

These little 6 inch dolls are devised for a one hour workshop I am running at the Knit and Stitch show in Harrogate next week. They were all made from cheap light weight garden wire and scraps of this and that found around the house and in my sewing room. They have little flat stuffed heads and embroidered features. It was great fun making all the characters and I feel sure it would be an excellent project for children.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fran Doe
Harriet Wilson

Maureen Wilson

LHS. Annleen Raubenheimer
and Fran Doe

LHS Brenda Connolly and Clare
and Sarah Slade 's
Polly and Fairy delight

LHS Brenda Taylor
Below: Fran Doe - all made since July's workshop

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pandora the Craft teacher has a huge stash of fabrics, trims, wools and beads. She loves to make all her own outfits from her stash and always carries her knitting in a bag. She has gold rim glasses and black leather shoes. She is almost free standing.
Norfolk Pixie is a jolly chap - he has a pretty elaborate tunic as well as a knitted pointy hat, mitts and socks.

This is Bubbles. She has a knitted sweater and practice leggins worn over her black tights, with fabulous curly hair.

At last some new dolls - I've really pushed myself to get these finished and am moderately please with the outcome: These four ladies form the 'Corps de Ballet' and will be available in two patterns which include all the body shapes and leg and arm positions.

Monday, May 05, 2008

I am continuing with the life drawing classes on Fridays and getting a lot of experience from them. They are FE classes put on by Norfolk County Council who have unfortunately removed subsidies for over '60's. I'm still managing to attend and have started using soft pastels and A1 size sugar paper. I always do a number of sketches in my sketch book with pen and ink - my favourite media at the moment.

Life Drawing classes at Wensum Lodge in Norwich.

Holkham Beach looking toward the pinewoods. Sorry didn't catch the horses in full canter.

Yesterday we were out walking from Holkham to Wells and back through the nature reserve at Holkham - with stunning views and beautiful weather. The beach at Holkham is vast and flat - it is reached through pinewoods and is completely uncommercial. There were horses cantering through the surf and on the sands - all breathtaking. We finished the day watching the sunset from Cromer Pier - thoug a bit cloudy - still as good as the med!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Heather Chandler made this wonderful version of Miss Fantatsic. A beautiful face.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

This doll is by Sandra Eggett - Alisons sister - a very talented pair.

Sandra and Alison are known as 'The Scissor Sisters'.
They have a curtain making business in Norwich and also run Paverpol classes in Norwich.

This is Miss Fantastic by Alison Ward

Here's the snow in Cromer on Sunday morning.

More pics from Sheringham

We had a workshop at the Sheringham Community Centre last weekend - April 5/6th and despite some bizarre weather we all had a great time. Eleven ladies attended and all made Miss Fantastic. Here are some of the pictures from the weekend - including the snow!! It was the first time I used this venue and it turned out really well as it provides plenty of space for 12 with a table each, a kitchen and parking. I shall be booking again for this Summer and Autumn.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Here's my first finished figure - not varnished - this was just to get the hang of the process. Will try some acrylic paint and varnish on the next. My kit was missing the fabric for dress so I used a dyed muslin which wasn't ideal. I'm waiting for stockinette to come. I think this is like scrim and will hang well.

More drawings.

This academic term I have managed to attend a life drawing class back in Norwich AE - where I was at Art School in 1958!! My tutor is Diana - a friend of mine from our student days. Its very difficult to go back to drawing and I shall have to be working at it for some time to get any skills back. All very relevant for cloth/doll figures.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I recently finished another new doll and have a pattern for her. I think she will be appearing in a Magazine as a pattern in May. More of this later. She is 'Polly Patches' and is made with a wire armature wrapped with wadding strips and ponte strips. She is costumed using patterned socks and a lined patchwork skirt made from 2" squares of all your brightest scrap materials. She can be posed in all sorts of ways as she is made on an armature. I think this method of making lends itself to something one can do with children.

This is a photo of the original Rambling Rose who has blonde frizzy hair and a cigarette standing with the new version of Rose. The original was made for an exhibition during Somerset Arts Week in 2005 and I have just got around to remaking her with a pattern to follow shortly.

Here's a close up of Rose's face.

I can not believe it is almost 5 months since I last posted! That's what happens when moving house. I have just finished a new version of a doll I made about 4 years ago. She is called 'Rambling Rose' and is bigger than most of my dolls being about 22" tall. She stands on her own as long as she is not in a strong wind!! Rose has enjoys life a lot and is not always very focussed and 'rambles' around her life in a vague way. She always has a cheery smile and a joke for everyone.