Sunday, July 24, 2011

Recently I spent a considerable time on a hanging in 3 panels. It is 2 sided i.e. can be viewed from either side. It was made specifically to submit to the ERTF exhibition to be held in Dragon Hall in Norwich in September this year where free hanging pieces are particularly suited. Unfortunately, I was unable to submit this piece as the list of duties I would have had to agree to were beyond my availablility. This hanging is 1mtr long by .75 mtr wide. It is composed of many pieces of cotton fabric I had dyed and printed. The structure is based upon Louise Bourgeouis' textile pieces which I had spent sometime copying how they were made. These are in a previous blog I wrote about a year ago. I was moderately pleased with it.
I have also been working on some knitted silk and cotton in white/natural and then dying with procion dyes. I think this has a lot of possibilities and exciting progressions to come.


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